Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pre-London lunch thoughts and an update.

Hello dear hearts, (as Ermintrude used to say.)

I find myself almost at the end of another busy week. I will try not to ramble, but 'libations' have already been had...

Righto - My mental state and how it is affected by my loved ones...

Wife - been sick all week. Mother/Sister are not bothering us, but are still the lowest of the low. Has given me her blessing for my outing (and I hope this doesn't turn into a bad pun!), on Sunday. She has even advised on suitable attire! Under threat of 're-grading', at work.

Son - Definitely selected for redundancy today. Crap! Supports my T'ness without question. Our joint efforts on preparing him for today's crunch meeting may bear fruit...Thought he was about to split up with GF of 6 months this week, but turns out not so. Has a scrambled head, but I'm giving him 100% support.

Daughter - In denial about the effects of break up with long-term boyfriend, but working her 2 part-time jobs hard. Knows what I am doing Sunday and (sort of ), accepts it. One part time job due to end in July, so (should be) looking for work...

Me - Work is rubbish. Still on 'secondment' with the threat of being in the 'bin' hanging over me. The secondment job is crap, and I could write for hours why. Lets just say some people haven't a clue what project/programme management is meant to be about. It sure isn't about spreadsheets, e-mails, and endless conference calls!

So - that makes all four of us here with job-related issues...and 2 with relationship issues, and 2 with health issues. Oh what joy!

(reminder to self - you said you wouldn't ramble!)

and back to T stuff! (which is why you read...)

On Sunday, I am going to lunch with a bunch of T Girls in London. Now this presents a few firsts...

1 - Not been to London in T mode before. I was born there and my dear old Dad was a Cabbie for 38 years there. It holds a special place in my heart and always will.

2 - I'm going by train. Not been on a train dressed before. Not worried too much. I'm going anyway.

3 - All this means I am leaving the house dressed in daylight. OK, it's Sunday, so maybe no neighbours will notice...I'll be coming back like this as well, so they'll all get a second chance. I think this has sunk in with Mrs T today! I know I should care, but I don't. Time to move on.

and so I am really excited about going, and naturally, more than a bit scared...

It will be great. I am certain. What will make it easier is that I will know 2 others who are going, and if all goes well I'll be not alone on the train, having met another girl from MK who I know through Angels and F/B.

That's where I am. I'll certainly post what happened next week. No doubt there will be some piccies too!

All that is left now is that weather forecast and what to wear?



  1. Have a great time in London, Tina. Remember that head up, tits out and exuding confidence will get to anywhere. Especially in the city. xx

  2. Very much looking forward to seeing you in London. Good luck with the journey.

    By the way, when Tanya says 'tits out' she means to keep your chest forward, not slouch. (Just in case there's an embarrassing misunderstanding in the heart of the West End!)

    Sue xxx

  3. Thanks girls! I can assure you that I will be keeping my much-reduced boobies inside my top! Must remember to smile too!