Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Random thoughts as an update.

Hello once again dear readers,

It's been a while since I last updated, and today I have a little time, so here are my latest thoughts.

Tina-wise, all is well to a point. I thought I'd lost my T mojo yesterday, but that was just a blip. I am looking forward to the next time out, which may be London again, but also could be Sparkle. I will need to consider that I have enough to wear - (any excuse for shopping...), but I think I already do have what I need. (Mind you - could do with some sandals - and I just cannot get on with toe posts - but Mrs T is starting to train me..)

On the subject of Mrs T, I think we have come to a good understanding of what I am all about now. Things have been much calmer of late. She also let me order some Avon the other day.

This hot weather strangely has got me down a bit. I've been desperate to wear a really long skirt I picked up for £2 in a sale. Seems a perfect one for hot weather? No opportunity to dress at home...

I still get a bit tearful at times, but I think that is to do with what's happening to my Son at the moment, rather than out and out frustration at not being a girl enough.

My son has now had it confirmed that he will be made redundant, effectively this coming Friday. I feel really gutted for him. He joined the company he is at now as an apprentice 5 years ago. He passed his 2 years of study and learning, and was taken on proper. 3 years later they are throwing him in the dustbin at the age of 25. This can't be right!

He also was really discriminated against in the process for selection, and now says he intends to go for unfair dismissal. Are there any employment law experts out there who might be able to advise? (for free...)

My daughter has finally moved on from the ex, and is her old self again. At least that bit of the house is repaired. My son's other half dumped him Saturday, and then they made up Sunday...It was not fun having a 6' plus hunk of a bear sobbing uncontrollably in my arms on Saturday. I was at a loss at what to do or say?

Anyway, that's the update from Tina-land. Hope everyone is chilled and looking forward to the Jubilee week-end.


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