Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Post-Easter musings.

It's been a while again. No excuse really.

Things are settling down still here in the madhouse.

My femme feelings are as strong as ever, but dressing time is now back to a premium again due to my Son being back on nights. It's Easter hols which means a full house anyway due to school-based other householders. Bah!

I failed miserably to post another pic I took during the last dressing time. I called it 'all dressed up with nowhere  to go', which summed up my feelings nicely. Anyway, here it is.

Need to add a vest top underneath as it's a bit see-through...

Managed to get some shopping time last week, which resulted in another top from Yours. Got some shoes from them as well, but unbelievably, they didn't fit -too big!

Ordered some new clip-on earring adaptors after following a link on the 'Pierced Ears' thread on Angels. Looking forward to trying them out. Wish I get get my ears done, however, Mrs T will not allow. Any suggestions of how to persuade her?

Still no prospect of any trips out yet, which is annoying. However, booked in for Sparkle now and looking forward to it very much.

Oh, I nearly forgot. As no one apart from Mrs T was in the house all of Sunday, I asked if I could dress for the afternoon. She didn't say no, so I did. I didn't go too OTT, just leggings and the top in the previous post. Had a great result on a two-colour blended eye-shadow theme, grey into pink, which I copied from a girl I saw on the train the other day. It was the first time I really got blending right. Can't wait to try that out again. Need to get some more colours now. Is there any end to this shopping? :-)))

I could tell Mrs T didn't really like me being dressed in the house, but it's not as if she hasn't seen me dressed several times now. I thought actually it was another small victory in my quest for acceptance (if not full-time-ness!)

and that's where we are.



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