Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Post-weekend thoughts...

I meant to write something yesterday, but ran out of time. A good thing I did as it turns out.

I'm very grateful of the feedback from my last post as it all rung true and although I was almost in the mindset of acceptance of my situation, I wasn't quite there.

The week-end has allowed time to reflect.

Going as a family to the comedy was good, but not 100%. Firstly, my daughter wasn't very well, but still struggled through, and secondly, the show was OK, but not 'laugh a minute'. Still, beggars can't be choosers, and as I didn't express any desire to see the particular show, I have to be grateful of birthday surprises. (The wicked Tina side of me would have much more appreciated "here's the train fare to London so you can lunch with Sue and the other girls.")

Sunday, I spent doing nothing. I haven't done that for ages (apart from when unwell). I just sat and did nothing, apart from watching the footy on TV and playing some games on Mrs T's laptop.

Monday comes, and I am already stressed about the week ahead. Still stuck in a job I don't want to do, but also having to cover for someone on leave as well. Roll on Friday. House full of kids as well, so not even time for a little practise make-up. Did book a night away for a family birthday in a couple of week's time, which might involve some shopping time (hooray!). Then it all went yuk...

As suspected, (is it my womanly side that allowed this?), my daughter's relationship of 2 years+ has hit the wall. At 10 pm in the evening as well, when me and Mrs T were out at a meeting, and said person was all alone here at home. I'm not going to bother with the detail, but we had to leave the meeting and return home as my daughter was hysterical.

It took until gone midnight to calm her down. I know this is just the start as well. She has staked the rest of her life on this chap. Total, unconditional love being given.

Life, ain't like that, and when it does come all crashing down, it IS the end of the world. I know, I've been there, done that, got the vest top...

So we'll have to park Tina even more I suspect, as I can't have anything to distract what will need to be done, and we all fear the worst in these situations. It didn't help that I also was reduced to tears last night. No surprise there as that is what I generally do. Part of what I am.

There is much then to ponder as we move through the week. Who knows what later will bring. (all is quiet at the mo, as people are still asleep..)

We all need this like a hole in the head...

Until next time, kind readers.


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