Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday ramblings...

Having got that first post off my chest (comments anyone?), time to let the old thoughts flow.

It's been a crap time recently, and especially this week. It just seems that everything is going wrong at once. Of course the consequences for me are that not much T-ness is available.

Just to get it all off of the chest then...

Mrs T - Still has major problems with Tina, and insists that I don't understand. I find it's the other way round in that she doesn't understand just how damn frustrated and serious I am about my situation. Anyway, I have to also feel sorry for her, as her mother and sister have gone and put the boot in yet again. It's a long story, but in a nutshell, they did things behind her back that were awful. Mrs T cannot forgive what they did, and they add insult to injury by continuing to not only blame her (she is blameless), but have added other hurtful things.

The current episode relates to a significant birthday coming up and the tone of the invite that was sent to Mrs T.  Without going into detail, it was totally impersonal and that was from mother to daughter! So much so, that Mrs T didn't even notice that 'Bob' had not even been invited... I'm not bothered about this at all, as I decided that I would cut them out of my life some time ago for what they had done to Mrs T... The inevitable call came this week to see if the invite was received, and her sister managed to turn it round to say it was Mrs T's fault once more. Her fault for receiving an awful invite and having the audacity to be annoyed about it!

So I feel sorry for her for sure. She should also cut them out of her life as well. They are not worth it. However, it is her 'duty' to still keep in contact with them.

The kids - No.1 son has been told he's under threat of redundancy this week. Looking like 65% chance of being shown the door. Not good at all, and that adds to Mrs T's woes. No. 1 daughter is having issues with remote boyfriend. They have been together for over 2 years and if it now goes wrong, she will be a mess. The messiest of messes. Not good. Another burden for Mrs T too!

So it's been a rubbish week. No. 1 son's job still means I can't dress at all at the moment. A real pain! I'd defaulted to just wearing some eye make-up in the day. Guess what? Yesterday, I forgot I had it on and the Mrs caught me (again). Last night over some drinkies, she had a right go! More tears etc. She accuses me of wanting to add to what's accepted bit by bit. This is not my intention at all. I just want to have some Tina time, even if its just some eye-shadow! Anyway, I got the hump and had more beer back home and now have a rotten hangover. Stupid Girl!

Oh well, that's Friday. I  wonder what the w/e will bring?

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  1. I am sorry that things are not good for you. Sadly its an all to often occurrence with the gift that we have been given. It's a lot for the partner to accept and it can be so hard for her to stand and watch the 'husband' die away and be replaced by another woman.

    Some partners manage much better than others but there might be a lot of pain to go through first. I suppose if I had one bit of advice it would be to see if there is anyone who she can talk to about all this. An experienced counsellor would be the best but at least someone impartial. It can be a very lonely time for partners and a safe space to talk through her fears and concerns might really help her?